adding focus

In an attempt to stay focused on the process of developing this site, I have been making notes and talking to others about my ideas.  I’ll share with you what I have so far.  This process is more about the journey than the destination.  It is about discovery which takes time.  I am very interested in what I can learn along the way.

I want to end up with a magazine style forum featuring articles, interviews, and videos on subjects that embody creativity, self-awareness, and humor as part of a person’s lifestyle.  Those are the aspects of my life that keep me most grounded and feeling connected to the spirit of the universe.  I enjoy connecting with others and learning about how creativity fuels them in their lives.  Creativity seems to be something that often sits on the back burner, something that comes after we do everything else that has to be done first in order to exist in this world.

I frequently hear from those with whom I work that they would love to be doing something other than what their job is.  I hear, “I am a (healthcare worker), but would like to be doing (cooking, photography, running my own business, etc…).  Many people know they would rather be doing another kind of work but don’t feel supported to make any changes.  They feel they must stay where they are in order to maintain the lifestyle they have created for themselves.

I would like to challenge others (as I am myself) to think about changing their lifestyle to better suit the type of work they crave; to live for their work and not work to live.  What would that look like for you?

Let’s discover together.



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