outside the box

As I continue to write of my journey, I think it is important to note some of the people who have had an impact on my life and on the person who I have become today.  As with many families, our first interactions with others are with those within our immediate family, our parents and our siblings.

There are five children in my family.  I am the second oldest.  Each of my siblings has been successful in their own professions, beginning with a college experience and continuing with what they learned there into the working world.  I have always been amazed at their ability to have done that.

Of the five of us, I was the one who did not follow that type of path.  I have always felt confined by traditional patterns of thought.  I started out in college, as I felt that was expected, but it wasn’t right for me so I left after two years.  I took a job in my father’s field of banking and then one thing led to another over the years.  Each of my jobs was different from the next, but I used the skills I learned from each one along the way and brought them into the next job.

Around the age of 40 I began to feel more aligned with the type of work I wanted to do.  I did a major career change from the business world to the world of healthcare.  I knew that helping others was to be a part of my path.  I went into nursing, my mother’s field, and lasted 4 years.  It was still not the right fit for me.  That led me to social work.  I went back to college and finished my bachelor’s degree.  I thought that would be the end of the search, but that was not to be.

My current position has been an interesting one in that it has offered me an opportunity to incorporate creative projects along with the day-to-day operating tasks.  It is because of this job as Program Director on a dementia unit that I have been called to discover more about incorporating creativity in our life’s work.  I am now aware how important a component this is for me.  This new awareness has led me on a quest to find more ways to add creative projects to my work.

Please feel free to input any connections you may have to work and creativity or any thoughts you have on the subject.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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