what is work?

One of the goals of this publication is to explore the ways in which creativity and work coincide in people’s lives.  If we are working a 40 hour a week position in a field that does not allow us to access our creativity and align with our vision of ourselves, are we truly fulfilling our purpose on this earth?  The answer to that question for me is, “absolutely not”.

Our work often defines us and it is frequently the first question someone will ask of a new acquaintance.  “What do you do for work?”  This question allows us to categorize that individual, and depending upon the answer, we will most likely form some type of judgement about that person.  We see jobs or careers as good or bad, exciting or dull, highly esteemed or under-valued.

I am reading a book about the changes in today’s job market and it speaks about how the concept of work is changing and how positions that will be available in the next 5 years have not yet been created.  It goes on to say that most people will have multiple job changes throughout their lifetimes whereas in the past, many held only 1-3 jobs in that time.  Skills, talent, creativity, and accomplishments are what employers of today are looking for.  Knowledge jobs are quickly replacing the production jobs of the past.  With companies looking for new and innovative ways to achieve results, creativity will be in demand more than ever.

What do you have within yourself that you can offer to others?   How can you make a difference for yourself and others?

Yours in transformation,


The above referenced book is Dan Miller’s, 48 Days To The Work You Love


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