the journey

It is interesting for me to see how the course of my thoughts has changed while writing this blog. That is the beauty of a journey, it can lead you down new roads to explore. The trick is to keep from going in circles. This is something that can happen with the creative mind. It is easy for thoughts to become scattered in many different directions.

What are some of the ways you focus your creativity? How do you form those great ideas into an action plan?

An example of this point was made to me during a long conversation I had this past weekend with a new friend. We began with talking about my thoughts on creativity and life’s work. I explained how I felt how it was important for me to find a way to combine the two so that I could spend my remaining years doing something meaningful for my life’s work. My friend agreed that it would be nice to have the freedom to pursue a creative passion, but there were so many obstacles and barriers preventing her from doing that. She then went on to describe many different ways in which she could change her work from what she was doing now. I was particularly struck by two things during that conversation: her multiple creative ideas for earning money, and her lack of focus in any particular direction. The more she talked about what she could do, the less focused she became and therefore lost her ability to see any kind of change as a possibility.

I, myself, have fallen victim to that type of circular thinking. It creates a solid barrier to finding the path to get out of the box.

I challenge myself and others to think about their work as something that is incorporated into their lives and not something separate from it. A job is only one portion of life and can be in balance with the other parts. That is not the case with most people I see today, myself included. Therefore, my intention is to create a plan to restore that balance to my life and to help others see that it is something they too can attain.

Enjoying the journey as always,



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