mission possible

One of the tasks associated with striking out on a new business is writing a mission statement. Fortunately, I have an excellent resource person to help me with the daunting project. She is my very creative and talented sister who is also a graphic design artist and business owner. She helps other people with their businesses by designing logos and other branding products, along with many other business related services. I am grateful for her help and feedback.  You can visit her at http://www.interrobangdesign.com.

That being said, I am totally overwhelmed with this entire process of trying to start a new business venture. I know that I want to be coaching and writing, but my thoughts on how that will look are so scattered. Today I let my coach know that I have reached that familiar place where I become totally blocked and stuck. She replied with a long message to my Ego. She assured my Ego that we mean no harm to it. She told it that I am working to make changes to better our life and told it to stop sucking the life out of me. She warned it that we will continue to make it feel uncomfortable over the next couple of weeks and that it is all to our benefit. My Ego cringed with discomfort and then settled down.

This is going to be a difficult venture for me, perhaps one of the most difficult I’ve ever done. Leaving work and going back to college full-time at the age of 44 while raising three teenagers alone seemed like a piece of cake compared to this. This seems more challenging because I have wanted to do this many times in the past and have always gotten stuck and given up.  The pattern reminds me of a broken record, repeating itself over and over until the needle wears a rut into the vinyl. The rut is deep and the needle becomes embedded in it.  I am the needle stuck deep in a rut called fear.

In order to change this deep set pattern, I have enlisted a group of supporters.  I have my sister, my coach, and my friends, all there to help me find my out of the rut.  This has now become a mission possible for me.  Each day, I will work to move ahead, some days with small steps, other days with larger ones.  I am patient and willing to give myself the time I need to make this work.  What small steps can you take to make your mission possible today?

Yours in transformation,



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