ready or not

Some people welcome change when it comes; others do whatever they can to keep things the same.  Over the years, I have become more and more comfortable with change.  I’ve changed things on the outside:  jobs, houses, careers, and marital status.  I’ve also changed things on the inside:  self-acceptance, self-love, challenging and letting go of fears, and increased self-awareness.

I haven’t always looked at change as a welcome opportunity.  When my marriage ended, I felt fear of the unknown.  Who was I without this marriage?  The logistics of how to manage life without a partner overwhelmed me for a few months, but then a change came over me.  I imagined my life as a big blank white board.  Although it was empty at the time, I had the opportunity to write on it whatever I wanted.  I no longer had to live by the picture I had created in the past.  I could create a new picture of my life.  I felt excited and liberated by this thought.  From then on, I looked at change from a new perspective.  Change, although scary at times, was an opportunity.

As a social worker, I talk with many people throughout my day.  During these conversations, I hear a common thread that people want to make change.  They are unhappy with their lives in some way.  Often it is an underlying feeling, something intangible and out of reach.  Fear is always present.  It is easier to stay unsatisfied with something known that to venture into an unknown, possibly better place.

When change comes your way, how do you look at it?  What new picture would you like to draw for your life?

Yours in transformation,



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