what does prosperity mean to you?

I found this interesting article on-line that talks about how people are re-thinking what success and prosperity mean to them.  Prosperity, by definition, speaks to success as related to wealth, but in this article, I see the definition of prosperity expanded to include the wealth of life’s experiences and the amount of fulfillment that is attained through them.


Lately, I’ve been evaluating what is important in my life.  Money, although important, it is not the only thing that defines prosperity for me.  Money can’t buy happiness.  It’s a proven fact.  If a wealth of experience is the true measure of happiness and prosperity, where do you measure on that scale?  What makes you happy?  What gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment?  What leaves you feeling excited about being alive?

I had an interesting conversation with my son about how people purchase things to make themselves feel happy, only to find that they need more to keep that feeling alive.  The feeling of pleasure does not last when we seek to find it in things outside ourselves.  It is a trap that I have fallen into on more than one occasion and I am always left with a feeling of emptiness after the initial high of the new acquisition fades.  Purchasing something has never been a fulfilling experience for me.  It has never offered me the opportunity to go within and connect with what is most important to me.  It was a perceived fix for satisfying an unmet need within me.

How do we learn more about what leaves us feeling fulfilled and prosperous in our lives?  I look to what I call peak experiences, times when I felt transformed and alive.  What was happening at that time?  Which of my values were honored during that experience?  This is one way we can get to know ourselves a little better and begin to define what prosperity means to us.  Once defined, we can structure our lives to be in alignment with what we value.  How exciting is that?

Think about it.  What does prosperity mean to you?

Yours in grateful transformation,



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