year-end thoughts

This is the time of year when I take an introspective look back over my life during the past twelve months.  I like to sit somewhere quiet where I can hear my thoughts and look deep within to see what I have learned this year.  I take this process very seriously.  I want to learn more about myself and increase my self-awareness.  It is important to me to make changes and continue to move forward.

During this past year, I’ve learned more about myself as a creative person.  This title is a new addition to my already varied self-descriptive resume.  What does this new addition mean to me?  How will my life change with this new description?  How can I work with something as unpredictable as creativity?  What inspires it for me? I don’t have the answers for those questions just yet.  This will be a work in process.  A new element of self-discovery requires some time to ferment before it can become completely incorporated into your life.

Something I learned the previous year was about using small steps to make changes in my life.  Small steps allow me to get used to the change and to see how it will fit.  It teaches me to be patient with myself.  Many years of my life were spent trying to make changes all at once.  This ultimately resulted in many “failed” endeavors.  I would be impatient and want everything all at once without actually doing any of the footwork to bring me to the end result.  Learning about small steps and patience with the learning process has changed how I look at new interests.  I look at them slowly, decide whether it is something that I want to keep and invest some time in or discard it as something only temporary.  Whether a keeper or not, each is an opportunity to learn.

I don’t know what this next year will hold for me.  I intend to set some goals regarding my career and my health.  A great tool to use to help you look at your life and evaluate what areas may need some attention is the wheel of life.  The wheel rates your career, health, relationships, fun & recreation, money, friends and family, personal growth, and physical environment on a scale of 1-10 (1 = low satisfaction, 10 = high satisfaction).  It helps you to decide where to concentrate your life improvement energy.  Many of us can get overwhelmed thinking about all the things that we want to change in our lives.  I recommend taking one or two areas and developing a plan using small steps to get you to your goal.  If you fall out of sync with your plan, sit back and think about what you learned in that process.  Everything is information that can be used to move forward.  Nothing is wasted.

I have a lot to do this coming week.  I intend to set aside some time to write my thoughts and come up with a plan.  Whether I complete the plan this week is not important.  I just need to make a start.  What have you learned from this past twelve months?  Will it be something leading to a change in your life over the next year?  Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Transformational New Year to All!



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