soaring into the wind

I was walking with Springy on the beach last weekend and as we were taking a short break to savor the moment, I saw a crow flying over head.  As he flew, he headed straight into the wind, moving fast and soaring high.  I was struck by how he was able to glide along, wings outstretched, and continue to move forward into the wind.  How was that even possible?  It seemed to defy logic.

As I stood there looking up, taking in the serenity of the moment, it occurred to me that there was a lesson in what I was seeing.  When we go through difficult times in our lives, we often feel that we have to exert large amounts of energy in order for us to move forward.  Being passive feels counter-intuitive and causes discomfort.  It is too hard to sit still and wait for things to resolve.  Our fight or flight instinct takes over then we try to control what is happening and force things to change.

I started to wonder, what would it look like to soar through the difficult times in our lives?

As a social worker, people often expect me to solve their problems for them.  They expect that I will have all the answers, and upon giving them, their issues will be resolved.  My personal experience during challenging situations is that resolution occurs naturally, often with no intervention needed.  The solution will be known when the time is right to see it.  Not all questions are meant to be answered right now.  One of my favorite quotes about finding answers comes from the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke who wrote, “Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.”  To me, that is what soaring into the wind is all about.

Next time you are presented with a challenging situation in your life, spread your wings and rely on them to hold you up.  Revel in the moments when you can rest and soar.  During that time, gather all the energy, strength, and wisdom you need for when you will once again begin to actively propel yourself forward into the next moments of your life.

Yours in transformation,



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