With the introduction of the book, The Secret, a few years ago, the subject of manifesting what you want in your life has grown to be of great interest to many, myself included. Many years ago, I sat up one night while my husband and children slept and wished to myself, “I just want to be alone.”  A few weeks later, my husband left me.  I remember marveling at the universe’s quick response to my request.  It was exactly what I asked for; I just wasn’t picturing it quite that way.  To this day, I am careful about what I put out there because I know that my thoughts can make changes in the energy around me.

As a social worker, I’ve learned about something called a self-fulfilling prophecy.  A self-fulfilling prophecy is when you believe something is going to happen and that belief causes your actions to change.  This is turn causes the situation to change into exactly what you believed it would.  I started thinking about manifestation and wondered if it is the same thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy?  After a bit of research I found that a self-fulfilling prophecy is a term usually used in conjunction with a negative outcome.  In contrast, manifestation utilizes a system to affect outcomes to the positive.  It is more than just a way of thinking; it is a knowing that things will happen.  Manifestation uses visualizations, positive affirmations, and letting go of the need to know how things will happen.  It is more than just a thought.  It is important that what you visualize is in the positive, i.e. I want to be fit and healthy, not, I don’t want to be overweight.  The latter places an emphasis on being overweight thus creating more of that in your life.  Both theories show that your mind and your thoughts can affect outcomes, either to the negative or to the positive.

During my walk with Springy last week, I talked with her about something which I had been working on manifesting over the past couple of years, but with an outcome that was less than agreeable for me (but still in the right direction).  What interests me about this situation is that each time I put energy into manifesting this thing for my life, the same outcome appeared and with an incredible accuracy of timing.  I began to wonder if what was showing up was truly the answer for me.  After all, how could it not be right if it continues to happen exactly the same way each time I put my thoughts out to the universe?  Then, Springy brought up a good point.  Perhaps it is how I am asking for what I want and maybe the wording needs to be tweaked a bit.  If I am asking for the same thing and getting the same thing each time, then I need to change how I am asking.  Well, duh!  (Sometimes it’s the simple things that elude me.)  One of my favorite sayings at work is, “If it’s not working, then stop doing it that way.”  The same advice can be applied to this situation.  I’m going to give it a try and I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are you asking for, consciously or subconsciously, that you have gotten?  Think of things that you have asked for and then received something that you weren’t expecting.  Isn’t what you received just a different answer to your question, something you didn’t see as a solution?  Are you manifesting the life you want or are you creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps you from moving forward?   The old saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” really rings true here.  Let me know your thoughts on this topic.  I’d love to hear of some examples of how manifestation or self-fulfilling prophecies have presented in your life.

Yours in transformation,



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