picture this

Walk with me awhile.   Let’s go on an adventure.  The journey is called your life.  What will it look like?  Remember, anything goes, so make it big.  There are no limits.  If you want it, it’s yours.

Imagination is one of our greatest gifts.  We can use our imagination to dream, create, and travel to far-off destinations.  When my daughter was young, we would spend hours reading the Anne of Green Gables books and watching the movies.  Anne was a young orphan who lived her life through her imagination.  She never thought of herself as an orphan who had to overcome so many obstacles, but as a young lady who could be anything she wanted.  Her imagination allowed her to escape the reality of her life and in the end she had all that she dreamed.

Imagination requires the ability to form images or concepts in your mind and can be the gateway to bringing your dreams to reality.  Before I moved into my new home, I used my imagination to design how it would look with all my furniture.  I imagined what colors I would paint on the all white walls.  I could see my new home before I moved in which helped me to feel more comfortable with the transition.

This week I challenge each of you to spend some time and draw a picture of your dream life.  Get a large piece of paper or a dry erase board and divide it into nine sections (3 rows of three).  Start with your biggest dream and put it in the center.  Now complete the picture.  What is your dream job?  Where would you like to live?  What are your interests?  What would you like to explore?  Be creative and dream big!

Yours in transformation,



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