Today I’d like to talk a little about transformations, a subject that is of great interest to me.  Transformations can either be highly visible or hidden beneath the surface.  Some transformations come easily to us and others happen over time after a lot of work.  A transformation can be something gained or it can reflect something that was lost.  While we often think of transformations on a personal level, they can also include the environment in which we live.

As a Cancerian, it is very important to me to have my environment, i.e. my crab shell home, filled with beauty and serenity.  I believe that we all need a haven from the outside world where we can rest and regenerate our energy.  Our personal space is a reflection of who we are and can directly reflect our state of mind.  If our surroundings are in a state of chaos or disrepair, it can upset how we feel internally.  The opposite can also be true where our internal feelings are reflected in our surroundings.

This weekend I was happy to be a part of a transformation that involved taking an unfortunately decorated room and changing it into something beautiful.  One important aspect of an environmental transformation is the use of color.  Different colors elicit different feelings and changing a room’s color can instantly transform the atmosphere.  Here are some examples of how color works:

  • Colors towards the red end of the spectrum feel warmer while bluer colors feel cool.
  • Dark colors feel more intense and heavier while lighter colors feel lighter.
  • Colors can also be reflective of the seasons.  Pastels and lights shades represent spring, bright colors represent summer, earth tones represent the fall, and cool shades represent winter.

I entered the bedroom with deep red walls and black trim.  There was one window in the center of the wall across from the doorway.  Whatever light that came in to the room from the small window was immediately drawn into and dimmed by the dark walls and floor.  The colors felt strong, over-powering, and agitating, colors not conducive to sleep and relaxation.  I anxiously began my work by applying two coats of primer over the dark red walls and black trim.  The heavy, dark energy lifted, replaced by lightness.  The light from the window entered and reached throughout the room.  The transformation had begun.

Think about the colors that surround you?  Are they emotionally supportive or are they working against you?  Notice how they make you feel.  Are they warm or cool, relaxing or energetic?  It’s time to color your world beautiful and watch the transformation begin.

Yours in color and beauty,



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