enough is enough

Success, time, money, food, love, possessions, weight loss, the perfect high, bodily perfection…

Can you ever have enough of any of these things?  If so, what is your definition of enough?   When, if ever, is enough of anything really enough?

I’ve been reading the book, Quitter, by Jon Acuff and in Chapter 7 he talks about success and how each of us needs to define what it means.  Is success a certain amount of financial gains?  Is it when we have reached our dream and, if so, what does that look like?  Sometimes we become so immersed in the quest that we forget what we were looking for.  Jon explains the irony of seeking success in that we tend to define it as all good.  What we neglect to plan for is the challenges that will arrive right along side the success.  Are we ready for all that entails?  He also cautions that we can become so focused on our quest for success that we neglect what we already have in our lives.  This can sometimes have a sad outcome in that we may lose what we had in the first place.  He states, “Instead of chasing ‘enough’, you have to define it.  If you chase it, you’ll never catch it.  Enough is incredibly quick.  Much like perfection, it seems to remain out of reach.”

One of the tools he recommends to help you keep things in perspective is a website called www.futureme.org.  This site allows you to write a note to yourself that will be delivered to your email at some time to be determined by you in the future.  This is a great way to check in with yourself, to stay connected to your dreams, or to keep yourself on the right path.  We all have goals for success in our minds, but who is holding us accountable to them?  It is too easy to silently speak them to ourselves and then let them go unattained.  We make excuses, we minimize their importance, and we tell ourselves that what we have already is really all we need.  Sometimes we think we are enough when we are afraid of being more.  I’ve always struggled more with a fear of success rather than a fear of failure, but it is enough for me to remain where I am?  At some point, we have to define our enough and start taking the steps towards reaching it.

Many years ago, I was speaking with a friend who was feeling fearful about making a career change.  She spoke of being content in her current field, but I saw something underneath.  I asked the question, “If you are still working this job five years from now, how will you feel?”  The question opened her eyes to the future and the realization that her current job was not where she wanted to be, that her “contentment” was just a lie she told herself to keep from moving into the unknown.  Once she saw herself in the same job in the future, she knew it would not be enough for her after all.  With a little extra support and coaching, she was successfully able to make the change to a new career.

What are some of the areas in which you are settling in your life?  Are you saying enough when you really have more you want to do?  Are there times you hear yourself say, “I will be successful when I’ve (made a million dollars, sold this many books, etc…)”?   Perhaps then you need to define what enough will look like in the future once that goal is reached.  There will always be another opportunity waiting for you once you get there.  Will it really be enough for you then?  And remember to be grateful along the way and for what you have right now.  Jon Acuff states this beautifully by saying, “…don’t let the dream you’re chasing blind you to the life you already have.”  There is something to be learned in each moment on our journey towards having enough.

Yours in transformation,



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