moments of perfection

Yesterday I turned 53 years old.  I woke up to an empty house, brewed some delicious coffee, a.k.a. nectar of life, and commenced my morning sit.  For me a perfect morning is one in which I can spend some time just sitting still in the morning.  Sometimes, I’ll sit and listen to what is going on inside me and other times I will get some light work done on my computer.  Either way, it is a delight and puts me in a good space for the rest of the day.  On my birthday morning, I was pleasantly greeted by two emails from people that I don’t hear from very often, one almost ever.  It was such a treat to receive such nice words and birthday wishes so early in the day.

The day continued to have a nice flow as I spent some time in the local craft store.  I went up and down the aisles (more than once) and indulged my senses in all the colors and textures of the fabrics.  Being around color inspires me and I could feel my creative juicing flowing.  I spent at least an hour in the store and left with some new projects to keep me busy over the next few weeks.  From there, I went on to shop for groceries.  While this is not something I would typically look upon as a good thing, I wanted to have it done so I would not have to think about doing it for the rest of the weekend.  In a sense, I was taking good care of myself by taking care of business.  Having that done just added to the perfection of the day.  Also, I now had good food choices for the rest of the weekend.  Perfect, again.

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing.  By nothing I mean I did things that don’t fall into any particular category.  I just puttered around the house, straightened things up, worked on a little project, took a nap, ate well, walked the dogs, set up for some new projects, and worked on my latest creative endeavor, making mobiles.  I love how they catch the light and the movement of air.  These are being made to sell at an upcoming fundraising event.  For the past two years I’ve made and donated an original quilt to help raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association and this year’s theme is “Your Star Shines Forever in Our Hearts”.  I continued with that theme for my mobiles and made them in different configurations of hearts and stars in brightly painted colors held by metallic colored wire to add some shimmer to them.  Here’s a sample of the mobiles I’ve made so far and a picture of the quilt. (pardon the not-so-great photography)

One of the tasks I ask the students in my dementia training classes is to complete a series of questions that describe some elements of their perfect day.  It is interesting to watch them as they complete the form.  Some of them go down through the questions quickly, knowing exactly how to answer them.  There is very little thought that goes into answering the question because they know they answer.  Then there are the other ones who struggle through each question.  They look up and think hard about what time they like to wake up in the morning on their perfect day.  They mull over things like what they like to eat and what time, their favorite activities, and other basic components of the day.  They also ask questions about the questions.  “What do you mean by perfect day?  Is that on a work day or a day when my kids aren’t home or….?  When everyone else has completed their form and put down their pen, these people are still struggling to get through it and when they finish, they look tired and unsatisfied.

Which type of person would you be?  How well do you know yourself and what you like?  Would you be able to quickly describe a perfect day or would you struggle with it?

If you know what makes a perfect day for you then you will more likely recognize it when you see it.  Being aware of perfect moments allows you to more fully experience them and be grateful for them when they arrive.  The thing I’ve learned about perfection moments is that they are fleeting.  If you’re not looking out for them, you may not be aware they happened.

Spend some time this week thinking about what a perfect moment means to you.  Look for them as you go through your day.  They can happen at any time.  It doesn’t need to be your birthday or a weekend or any other not so common occasion.  Once you begin to see them, you will notice them more often and then you can really begin to enjoy them because you will be fully in the moment when they happen.  I’m having one right now as I finish this post while sitting on my deck on a beautiful summer morning.  🙂

Enjoy your perfect moments today.

Yours in transformation,



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