year end thoughts

thoughtsAs we approach the year’s end, I find myself thinking about the past twelve months and what I would like to have in my life for the next twelve.  I always feel introspective at this time of year.  The darkness that descends in late afternoon helps me feel grounded and makes it easier for me to think.  I know most people don’t like it when we lose sunlight earlier because it makes them feel more confined but it gives me a sense of feeling tucked in and cozy.  This morning I wrote down some notes about what I’d like to work on in the upcoming year.  Some of the changes are internal and some are external, but will require some internal work to accomplish them.  I will spend some time over the next couple weeks working on an action plan.  Having one will break down the tasks into more manageable steps that will keep me focused and prevent me from becoming overwhelmed.  I look forward to making some changes, after all, change is good, right?

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be spending some time thinking about the future of this blog site.  I began writing this blog in October of 2011 and have written a weekly post since then.  I consider it a great accomplishment and it keeps me invested in my love of writing.  Since its beginning, I’ve published articles that were pertinent to my day to day world.  I write about what I see and what I know.  This blog has turned out to be quite different than what I originally thought it would be.  I’m not even sure what that was anymore.  As with any project, it is important to reevaluate things at certain intervals in order to assure that you stay true to your mission.  In order to do this, I will not be publishing any new articles over the next three weeks.  Instead, I will publish postings I’ve written in the past, either on this blog or from my previous blog, The Transformational Times on Blogger.

I will use this time to replenish my mind and get in touch with what I want to say.  Writing on a regular basis requires discipline.  There are times when ideas and words are prolific and other times when they become a struggle.  It is all part of the process.  What I know is that it is important for me to write and I want to continue to do so. In order to clarify my purpose, I will do some reading, some meditating, and some traveling in different circles.  I will change my environment to give me a new perspective.  I will look outside the box and see what is beyond the boundaries.  I look forward to seeing what is there.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been with me this past year for all your support.  It is very satisfying to have each of you as a reader.  I hope that you will continue to show up each week and spend some time with me.  I look forward to coming back in January with a new perspective, a new lease, and some new words.  I hope that each of you are able to spend some time to look at your life and make some plans for the future.  If you find that there are areas that need a make-over, develop a plan to take some steps towards changing them.  Remember, you are in charge of your life and you can make it all that you want.  Thank you for all your support.

Yours in transformation,



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