connectionThis week’s post is dedicated to two special people who have made a difference in my life, K.J. and T.T.  Thank you.

It started with a compliment, a few simple words of sincerity that opened her heart.  She took a chance and revealed a story of a pain seated deep within her.  The bearer of the compliment listened intently, showing understanding and compassion on her face.  A connection was made, giving each of them a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, a sharing of universal energy.  It was a small moment in time, but it was important.

A casual conversation starts between two people during an interaction in the workplace.  The first person tells a story of a hardship that someone in her family is experiencing.  She speaks of how she understands what that person feels because she went through the same thing when she was young.  The second person is amazed at what she hears as she, too, experienced the same thing in her youth.  She had carried the pain with her throughout her life, though it was far beneath the surface so it didn’t hurt on a daily basis.  She had never heard of anyone speak of this before and, therefore, had always felt alone.  She told the person her secret, the first time ever telling anyone.  The shame and feeling of loneliness melted as she shared her story and felt a connection to everyone who had the same experience.

We are all connected with each other despite our thinking that we are not.  We live our lives within the frame of our mind and the stories created by our life.  It causes us to think that we are separate from everyone else, that we are alone in our journey.  Our mind works hard to keep us veiled from the universal energy that is a part of us all.  When we make a connection with another person, we momentarily experience what is behind the veil of illusion.

Connections are powerful enough to break down the walls we build to protect ourselves.  Though we think the walls are protecting us from harm, they are actually being used to keep us living in the illusion of separateness.  The walls are stories created by the mind to keep us rooted in illness, in a state of dis-ease.  When we make a connection and break through the wall, we notice a different feeling, one of peace and belonging.  We also notice our mind will quickly do damage control and bring on the troops to take us back to the illusion.  Without these connections in our lives, the illusion stays strong and strengthens the separation between us.  Often, our mind is so strong and so much in control that we overlook these events when they occur.  By being aware and paying attention to our interactions with others, we can begin to see what is behind the illusion.  We will see and feel our true nature and realize that we are never alone. By paying attention to the times when the walls comes down, exposing the illusion, we will strengthen our ability to spend time on the other side of it.

Write to me and tell me your stories of connections.  What did you feel when it happened?  Were you aware of the change within you?  How did it make a difference in your life?

Yours in transformation,



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