monitor thyself

observe yourselfWhen my children were young, I asked them to learn to become monitors of themselves.  As a parent, I wanted them to become aware of their surroundings and their feelings so that they could keep themselves safe while away from home.  I wanted them to think for themselves because I would not always be there to do it for them.  I asked them to notice their behaviors and monitor if they were being appropriate in situations.  I knew they would act a certain way around their friends, but they needed to learn to adjust those actions when out in public.  It was important for them to learn boundaries and respect for others.  I also told them to trust their feelings and if they were at someone’s home and felt uncomfortable, that they could take the steps they needed to remove themselves from the situation.  I wanted them to learn to trust their higher voice, to be able to monitor their emotions and use them as guides.

Our inner voice guides us along our journey in this life.  We can trust it.  It knows the plan.  But what happens when we listen to the other voices, the voice of fear, the voice of mistrust, the voice of arrogance, the voice of failure.   How do we know when what we hear is real and will lead us to where we need to be?  What if the voice of fear is keeping us safe from harm?  Which direction do we go?

Learning to differentiate between your voice of higher knowledge and your ego’s voice is tricky business. The chatter in our heads can become such a part of our daily lives we may not even be aware of it.  In that case, the voice of the ego that steps in to make choices for us.  The ego creates a structure upon which it gains control, but don’t be fooled, there is another voice within you, one that connects you with a higher energy.

I was talking with an acquaintance the other day about some struggles she was having in her life.  As I listened to her story, I heard the pain in her voice.  I could see and feel the low energy surrounding her body.  When she stopped speaking, a question came to my mind and I asked it to her.  Her face and energy relaxed.  She contemplated the question and said she would give it some thought.  The question reached through her egoic thoughts into the space of higher understanding, a space that resides within her and holds all that she needs to begin her journey of healing.

As a coach, I use a series of tools and questions that assist the client in accessing their higher voice of knowledge.  I am able to tell if the question gets there by how it lands on them.  A question that produces a low energy response is one that lands in the ego, but it is easy to tell when the opposite happens.  It is reflected on their face and in their voice.  The question changes their energy and allows them to connect with their higher self.  It can be a powerful and life changing moment.

You can learn to become your own coach by using your emotions as guides.  Your emotions are a great tool that can give you more information on where your thoughts are originating.  Egoic thoughts will create a lower energy which will be felt in the body as a negative emotion, such as fear or sadness.  The opposite is true of thoughts originating from our higher self.  These thoughts will create a feeling of serenity and peace within us.

Are you a slave to your emotions or a master of them?  Is the emotion greeted by more thoughts that add fuel to the fear or does it remove all thoughts and bring you to a place of peace?  The former is the work of the ego and the latter is your voice of your higher self. Learn to become aware of and monitor your inner voices. Listen for the voice that brings you to that place of peace.  You will know it when you hear it.  Use your emotions as your guide.  They are there to help you along the way.

Yours in transformation,



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