monitor thyself

observe yourselfWhen my children were young, I asked them to learn to become monitors of themselves.  As a parent, I wanted them to become aware of their surroundings and their feelings so that they could keep themselves safe while away from home.  I wanted them to think for themselves because I would not always be there to do it for them.  I asked them to notice their behaviors and monitor if they were being appropriate in situations.  I knew they would act a certain way around their friends, but they needed to learn to adjust those actions when out in public.  It was important for them to learn boundaries and respect for others.  I also told them to trust their feelings and if they were at someone’s home and felt uncomfortable, that they could take the steps they needed to remove themselves from the situation.  I wanted them to learn to trust their higher voice, to be able to monitor their emotions and use them as guides.

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if not now…

future selfThis week I would like to present you with a poem I wrote.  It’s been a long time since I’ve written any poetry and it felt like coming home.   This poem is a true story about listening to my inner voice.  While the voice may always be there, I sometimes don’t pay attention to it.  I wrote this to remind myself that the voice is strong and true and that it is always there to guide me.

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