positivity week

be positiveThere is no shortage of information on the power of positive thinking.  Many books have been written on the subject and many people have been quoted on their statements of positivity.  Optimism is a way of life for some and you can always tell who they are.  Optimistic people stand out from the crowd, they radiate positivity, and make things happen.  Many are leaders in today’s world.  If there is so much information available on the subject, why is it so difficult for us to remain positive?  Our attitude easily falls prey to the daily struggles we all face.  We then become part of a stream of negativity that works its way from one person to the next.  It is like a toxic river flowing through the land, poisoning each thing it touches.  This week we will celebrate positivity at my workplace to remind us of the power of a positive attitude and how it can make a difference in our day.

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